Lessons from Edith Eger to Boost Personal Growth

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Throughout life, we learn valuable lessons from remarkable individuals who have overcome unimaginable adversities and emerged stronger and wiser. One such extraordinary person is Edith Eger, a Holocaust survivor.

Dr. Eger is highly active on social media, and at 96 years old, she continues to inspire many with her wisdom and knowledge. In a recent video she shared, reflecting on what makes her happy, she explained that she learned to accept people as they are but to treat them as the individuals they can become. In her experience, she has found that over time, these individuals often rise to the occasion.

This powerful statement holds wisdom that transcends generations and encourage us to reflect on the importance of effectively motivating all individuals, not just leaders, within organizations.

Edith Eger is a living example of resilience and overcoming challenges. Her story of surviving Auschwitz and later becoming a psychologist is moving and fascinating. Throughout her life, she has worked with people facing traumas, developing a therapeutic approach based on psychology to help them heal and find emotional freedom. Her focus on treating people as if they are capable of reaching their full potential is a valuable lesson we can apply in our lives, even within a business organization.

Imagine how our organizations could transform if we adopt this approach to motivate everyone. Often, individuals face challenges and may feel overwhelmed or lacking in self-confidence. This is where Edith Eger’s wisdom becomes relevant. By treating each person as someone capable of reaching their full potential, we provide the necessary support for them to move forward with confidence.

Individuals who feel seen as capable of achieving great things often rise to the occasion. When motivated and given confidence in their abilities, they are more likely to take on challenges with determination and inspire their teams. It’s as if a switch is turned on, unlocking previously hidden potential.

However, motivation is not just a matter of saying encouraging words. It also means providing the tools and resources necessary for success. Training, support, and constructive feedback are fundamental elements for personal growth.

In summary, Edith Eger’s reflection on accepting people as they are but treating them as if they are capable of more reminds us of the importance of effectively motivating everyone. When we apply this approach, we pave the way for each individual to unlock their potential and contribute to collective success. Edith Eger’s wisdom shows us the way forward, reminding us that human potential is truly astonishing.

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