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We believe that evolution never ends and that change is always an opportunity.

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The American Society for Quality (ASQ) inspires and promotes best practices for quality and excellence. For more than 35 years, the ITEA program has recognized teamwork in improvement projects. The teams that we have accompanied in the development of their projects have shown a great commitment to excellence and organizational development.
Raúl Molteni

More than 35 years ago, Raúl Molteni, our CEO, envisioned a company with continuous improvement and quality as its goal.

Integrating Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Agile, Change Management, Customer Experience techniques, and innovation, and after having worked as Human Resources Manager of the Renault Group, Raúl founded his own company.

Teaming up with top-notch professionals, Molteni Consulting accompanies organizations that seek excellence and transformation.

Raúl is a Fellow member of the American Society for Quality and used to be part of the Board of Directors. He is also an Academic, member of the Board of Trustees and Vice Chair of the Quality in Governance Think Tank of the International Academy of Quality.

What makes us different

We focus on the people

What keeps an organization going is not the processes, but the processes managed by people.

We are never-ending improvers

The result must always grow. We lead our clients towards continuous improvement.

We embrace challenges

Each project is a unique adventure. We believe enjoying the experience enhances the results.

Permanent commitment

Commitment, will, and enthusiasm are the keys to a solid and successful project.

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