Valuable lessons and conclusions from the global meeting of the IAQ

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In May, our CEO, Raúl Molteni, participated as the President-Elect in the first general meeting of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) in 2023, in Philadelphia, United States. 

Professionals and executives related to excellence, sustainability, quality, human resources, and marketing gathered to share nearly two days of work. Among them were vice presidents and directors of large companies such as Toyota, Tata, and Nordan, as well as top consultants like Noriaki Kano, Gregory Watson, Lars Sörqvist, Blanton Godfrey, Liz Keim, Sunil Sinha, and Willy Vandenbrande. 

Raúl has been involved with IAQ for many years, but this meeting was special: “For me, meeting and working with these professionals, all highly experienced and knowledgeable, and especially being the President-Elect now, is a very rewarding experience,” he explains. 

For those joining this blog, let us briefly explain what IAQ (International Academy for Quality) is and what it does. 

What is IAQ, International Academy for Quality 

IAQ is an independent, self-sustainable, non-profit, non-governmental organization collectively managed by individuals who have been elected by their peers from among the most respected, active, and experienced quality leaders in the world. Its motto is “Quality for Humanity“. 

When talking about “quality” in this context, it refers to the discipline and global approach of managing and improving products, services, and processes in various areas and sectors. It includes everything from customer satisfaction to operational efficiency and innovation, among many other factors. Its members make personal contributions to the advancement of quality through their participation in think tanks and global projects. 

The goal of these expert groups is to seek innovative solutions, improve practices, and promote excellence in quality management through the exchange of ideas, research, and best practices. 

Supporting the work of think tanks 

As the President-Elect of IAQ, Raúl Molteni’s role is to support the organization’s 10 think tanks. Regarding this experience, Raúl explains that it was a demanding facilitation exercise.

“It confirms the old conclusion I had with the group that created the Law and the Foundations of the National Quality Award: when one is immersed in a discussion, the meeting facilitator should be someone else, regardless of the level of preparation one has or the group has.”

The dialogues and conversations that arose from these meetings were fascinating and encouraging. As Raúl explained, “One must be constantly attentive because something outstanding can emerge at any moment and from anyone.” 

All these meetings were very productive, but it is worth highlighting the Quality in Planet Earth Concerns Think Tank, led by the distinguished Belgian expert Willy Vandenbrande. During the meeting, we had in-depth discussions about sustainability and the results related to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Learning from others 

Raúl also participated in meetings and encounters with other members of the organization that were very enriching. “Very positive outcomes, but above all, a huge learning experience for me,” explained Raúl. 

For example, he took part in meetings with JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers), ASQ (American Society for Quality), and EOQ (European Organization for Quality). The purpose was to see how global projects that impact society and people’s quality of life can be led by applying “Quality” principles, methods, and tools. 

He also toured the facilities of the Centennial Campus at North Carolina State University and learned about its objectives and functioning. “An excellent experience to learn how a governance ecosystem, university, and businesses are structured to create economic, social, and intellectual prosperity for the people of a region – in this case, North Carolina – and a country. To offer you a glimpse of the university’s scale, its annual economic impact on the state is $6.5 trillion.” 

The university tour concluded with several insights for Raúl, which we will surely share with you in upcoming blog posts. 

In conclusion, Participating in the global meeting of the International Academy for Quality was an opportunity to strengthen relationships and stay informed about what is happening in the world in terms of quality, excellence, and competitiveness.

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